Saturday, April 23, 2016

6 Whopping Years

As it just so happens, today is a very special day.

On a very similar rainy day 6 years ago, Chuck and I tied the knot in the Bountiful, UT temple.

It was pretty freakin' awesome.

If you don't believe me, just ask Chuck. . . who was clearly enjoying himself. :)

We must've been mighty fond of each other, because I kid you not-- a solid 98% of our wedding day pictures were of us kissing. No joke.  

But one thing is for certain. . . I married a man who can make me so happy, my nose scrunches up.

And that, my friends, is how you know it's legit. 

. . . . .

We have made so many memories together, it would take me four days to catalog them into a blog post. Some of those memories have prime photographic evidence, but if I posted them, I would suddenly and mysteriously disappear. ;)  

So I suppose I'll settle for some of the safe ones. 

{Immediately post-honeymoon (2010). For the record, that's Duke, the dog. Not me}

{My first official fishing trip (2010)}

{Chuck rockin' his dad's old glasses (2013)}

{goatee action (2014)}

{flashing gang signs at the fishies (2016)}

. . . . . 

He's always quick to make people laugh and help out around the house. . .

. . . especially when stuff breaks and I need a creative solution.


. . . . .

He's an amazing father who puts the needs of his family first. 

{Hill Air Force Base (2015)}

{the master and the apprentice (2016)}

. . . . .

I love this man.

I really, really do.


. . . . . 

Happy 6 years, babe! Here's to many more! :) 

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Curtis' Chronicle: 2 Years

{To check out the rest of Curtis' Chronicles, click HERE}

. . .

Hey, ya'll! It's Curtis, chiming in. Can't let sister have all the fun.

The last time I updated you guys, I was 7 months old. I am now the ripe old age of 2, so we have a lot to cover.

Let's get crackin'.

. . .

I have curly hair and a extremely sensitive soul.

{first-ish haircut}
. . . 

I never underestimate the power of a good accessory, even though I'm a manly man. 

{yes, food counts as an accessory...}

. . . 

I've been working on finding the ideal mode of transportation to impress the ladies. 

Still searchin'. 

. . . 

I am still growing into my dad's hat. I've come a long way, but it's still an uphill road.

But, dang. . . I love me a good hat.

. . .

Getting into mischief is one of my most cherished past-times :

See that "C" hanging on my wall in the picture down there? I kidnapped it about a year ago and mom STILL hasn't found it.

But how can you stay mad at this face?!

. . . 

I enjoy collecting rocks. . .

. . . wearing out socks. . . 

. . . showing off my dazzling physique. . . 

. . . and taking selfies.

They're really hard, OKAY?!

. . . 

I'm working on becoming a professional turtle : 

and I absolutely love to make people laugh :

. . . 

My favorite food is Mac and Cheese. And Costco hot dogs. Oh, and pizza. But I don't like the texture of ground beef/turkey/sausage. Nope, nope, nope. 

My favorite songs right now consist of "I Am A Child of God" {mom sings it to be every night before bed}, and "Happy Birthday" {which I sing to myself whenever I'm feelin' crazy}.

I really couldn't care less about books or TV; I just like to play! I can hardly wait for my parents to finish the backyard so sister and I can play all day in the sun! And fall in the window wells. And eat dirt. And stuff.

. . .  

Being two is totally rockin' my socks. Isn't it the greatest?!  

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Hannah's Memoir: 4 Years

{In case you're new here (or suffer from short-term memory loss), I use the 'Hannah's Memoir' posts as a way to keep track of some of Hannah's milestones in a quirky and {hopefully} entertaining way. Since it's been so long since her last post, I'm going to include things from when she was 3, as well as 4. I'm a cheater-face.}

. . .

What?! It's my turn to type now? Oh, gee, thanks, mom.

Hey, guys. It's Hannah!

I think it's pretty rude of my mom to keep me away from her laptop all this time. An entire YEAR? I mean, come on. She acts as though I have a tendency to destroy valuable property or something. Which is totally false, for the record.

A lot has happened in the last year, but I'll try to keep this short. My Aunt Jenny just gifted me a "Lite-Brite" toy from what I can only assume is 1774 and I'm a tad obsessed. I can't be away for long.

Speaking of 1774, take a look at this weird thing I found :

Who even knows what this thing is?! I sure can't figure it out. Mom caught me with it and must think it smells really good because she took a looooong, deep breath in through her nose. I certainly couldn't smell anything. . . well, except for dust.

Anyway, at the beginning of 2015 (where we left off), I had just gotten some totally awesome bangs and I was livin' life in the fast lane. To this day, I absolutely adore shopping with my mom and brother and take my job very seriously.

{daydreamin' of ice cream cones, apparently}

. . .

I love to sing ("This Is Halloween" from "Nightmare Before Christmas" is a personal fave); watch shows (current faves being: "The Peanuts Movie", "The Good Dinosaur", and "Nanny McPhee"), and play downstairs with Curtis. Who needs a finished basement when you can ride your tricycle around an un-finished one at mach-90?   

That's what I thought.

, , ,

Ever the fan of helping the weary soul, I am quick to find ways to lend a hand. Sometimes I actually help, and sometimes I waste half a box of Kleenx by spraying them with Windex and leaving them on the floor. But, hey. I never said I was perfect.

{turbo Nos boosters!}

. . .

I am currently obsessed with temples. Consequently, each time I see one, I screech at the top of my lungs, "Look! A TEMPLE!" and when asked who lives there, I promptly reply, "Jesus! And Heav'nly Father!" Lately, I've been demanding entrance but mom says I need to wait until I'm a little bit bigger. For reasons unknown to me, standing on my tip-toes doesn't count. But, by golly, I'll get there one day.

. . .

I like to consider myself a budding fashionista, so I'm always looking for ways to up my "fancy-pants" level. I personally think I'm hovering right around "Level: Master". . . but you can be the judge.

{every princess needs her 'do', right?}

. . .

I still love to stack/organize things, play 'pretend', goof off with friends, build things, and explore outside.

{it has come to my attention that I have my mom's "SQUINTY EYE" curse. Can ya tell?!}

I love to be outside SO much, in fact, that mom and dad had to take desperate measures to keep me from escaping and walking down the road all by myself. There was a time (a while ago now) that mom thought I was downstairs playing early one morning, so she decided to lay back down in bed until brother woke up. Suddenly, she heard someone knocking at the door. When the knocking only got louder instead of stopping, she opened the door to find me and a friendly neighbor.

"Hi-ya. I found your daughter down by the stop sign with your dog," the neighbor said.

So I was a couple blocks away. . . I was headed to the park, OKAY?! I had Zoe, so I don't see what all the fuss was about.

There were many instances where mom would turn her back for a minute and I would be gone; parading around the neighborhood in whatever clothes/shoes I could find. . .

. . . or playing in our backyard, throwing rocks and pokey thorns (since there's not much else to do back there).

. . .

I've been able to go to pre-school for two years now and it makes me oh-so-very-happy. I have made leaps and bounds in my speech and behavior since starting, so that's pretty swell. I don't run away at the drop of a hat; I can string a complete sentence together and be understood at the same time! Oh, the things I can do. :) Being 4 is rockin' my socks, and I'm only getting started!

Lots of love,

Hannah Banana

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