Saturday, June 14, 2014

Potty Potty, Potty

Hello, friends!

'Tis me again, here to provide riveting tales of parental triumph and failure. Today's installment happens to flirt with the failure side of the spectrum. . . like most of my good stories. Who would want to sit here and read a blog post about how great I am?! Not me, that's for sure. :)

If you're skittish around potty talk, you might want to go draw with some sidewalk chalk instead. I keep it G rated, but still.

. . .

Hannah has been toying with the idea of potty training for the past, oh, month or so. I was all gung-ho one day and made a sticker chart, armed myself with a packet of panties, and bought a couple different kinds of juice for her to overdose on. I thought, "Now is the time. Today is the day! Let's do this."

 photo DSC_0170_zps1f27b84d.jpg

Yeah, well. That sticker chart lasted all of 2.5 seconds before she ripped it off the wall. As if to console my wounded pride, she let lose a heartfelt "Oooooh. So pretty!" as she defaced my masterpiece.

*sniff sniff*

I even made up a stellar musical ditty to sing each time she tinkled. It went something like this: "Hannah went pee in the pott-tty! Hannah went pee in the potty, YAY!"

I know. Right?

I was SO ready.

. .

Well, things got a little hairy when I realized that her panties {although listed as size 3T} were rather snug. As in "way-too-snug-to-hurry-and-pull-down-when-the-sudden-urge-to-go-potty-hits-resulting-in-lots-o-laundry-for-mom" snug. So she ran around the house naked all day.

She ingested probably 4 gallons of juice and I knew it had to be coming, so I decided to plop her bum on the potty and do a puzzle to help keep her entertained {and immobile for longer than 30 seconds}. Halfway through the alphabet, she gasped and looked down, like, "What in the devil?"

Let me tell ya, she thought she was cool beans when she heard her customized potty song and I danced around the house like a fool. Before I could empty the bowl of an impressive amount of pee-pee, she got right back down to business with her puzzle. Unfortunately, she dropped a piece and it managed to find its way into the bucket.

Come oooooon.

That little puzzle piece has probably never been so scared in its entire life.

. .

#2 came along later that day, like it often does. I knew it was coming because she was running around the house at mach 90 making very uneasy noises. She was deeply troubled at the lack of receptacle on her bum and didn't know what to do about it. I explained that she could go in the potty and helped her sit down. I no sooner did so when she clamped onto both of my hands with untold force and secured them on either side of her face. I stood there looking like I was trying to squeeze the ever-livin' daylights out of her skull until business was complete. She was pretty proud of herself and even created an interpretive dance to go along with her potty song.

. . . . . .

Day Two = Fail. Fail. Fail.

I gave up after she peed on the carpet in various rooms multiple times. I decided that she couldn't quite tell WHEN she needed to go yet, and was thereby not quite ready to potty train.

. . . . .

About a week and a half ago, she asked to go on the potty again. I didn't think she'd do much, but I busted it out anyway. I had just baked cookies and told her she could have one if she tinkled in the potty. Well, she's no fool.

After the cookie was devoured, she went probably 30 times and demanded I empty the bucket after every 2 drops. I had the potty song stuck in my head all day because I was singing it every 10 minutes. But, hey, I wasn't about to complain.

As the afternoon wore on, I needed to use the bathroom myself and Hannah made sure to follow me {per the norm}. I told her I would like 2 minutes of privacy and closed the door. Well, 1.5 seconds later I saw her fingers splayed out under the door and heard her singing a made-up song at the top of her lungs. She must have figured I could use some entertainment because she fed a puzzle piece under the door. But, HARK. Then there was silence.

Nothing is quite as suspicious as a silent toddler.

I came out of the bathroom to find that she had pooped in the potty all by herself! Woo-hoo! I was SO proud of her.

But then. . .

{insert dramatic music here}

. . . later in the evening she decided that she needed to go #2 again. It wasn't so easy this time. Too many string cheeses? Who knows. All I know is that I couldn't get her sit on the potty for more than 30 seconds before she began running around the living room again. She was as spooked as a chocolate bunny before Easter. I was sitting on the kitchen floor next to her potty {don't judge-- she carried the thing in there and who was I to argue?} trying to convince her she didn't need to be scared. I tried to woo her over and as she neared me, she became even more skittish and then, PLOP.

There it was.

On the kitchen floor.

Staring at us.

Hannah let lose a whimper and flung herself into my arms. I just so happened to pick that very moment to vent a wee bit of frustration in the form of a growl. . . I wasn't mad she pooped on the floor, I was just flustered that she was so close to the potty but pooped on the floor instead. It was my bad and I take full responsibility. . . but at the time I just couldn't keep it in.

I continued to hold her on my lap and told her that it was okay she had an accident but that she needed to poop in the potty next time. I don't think she heard a word I said because she was busy keeping a pretty sharp eye on that thing. Maybe she figured it was gonna bite her? Say hello? All I know is that she was not lovin' it.

Chuck hurried in and saved the day by getting rid of the evidence, but the damage had been done. The image was probably burned onto the back of her eyeballs, ready to pop up every time she closed her eyes.

. . . . .

I haven't been able to convince her to go on the potty since then. Every time I ask or make a move to take her pants off and let her run around naked, she freaks.

So let this be a lesson to the lot of you.

Don't make eye contact with your bowel movements. You'll never be the same.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Summer Lovin' : Take Two

I posted about the first half of our recent travels HERE, but I didn't want to bury you alive with pictures. . . so here's the second half.

Pace yourselves.

. . . . .

We got a wild hair one Sunday afternoon and decided to take a drive up by Kamas, UT. We just kept driving and driving and driving and ended up going through a cute little town named Hanna. Hannah in Hanna was just too good to pass up, ya know.

 photo HannahinHanna_zps33a1bbe2.png

 photo Hanna_zps428dafc6.png

On our way back home, we stopped at a rest stop so I could feed Curtis. I must say, this is the most picturesque view I've had while nursing to date. Sure beats a random parking lot. ;)

 photo RestStop_zps90630380.png

. . . . .

My pa works a little bit of a wacky schedule, so we celebrated Father's Day a week early. We met up at a beautiful park up Provo Canyon and visited, fished, ate, and nearly played a playground to death. Well, at least Hannah did.

 photo FathersDay_zpsb2c35b71.png
{Here she is mooching yet another Jell-O Jiggler from my sister, Jenny. Pretty sure that was all she'd eat for lunch.}

Now, I don't really know when my gun-shy little Miss became queen of the playground, but it happened.

 photo GrowingGirl_zps431c2d62.png

She was unstoppable! In fact, she climbed up this scary contraption probably 400 times. I had a heart attack each time, thinking she'd fall. She had no such doubts! My little girl was undaunted and confident.  

 photo HearMeRoar_zpsc536f26b.png

 photo SlidingFool_zpsc9cc89e0.png

. . . . .

The first Truck and Tractor Pulls in 2014 were hosted in Elko, NV and naturally we had to make an appearance. Because, hey.

 photo ElkoPulls_zps287b9f6d.png

Hannah only had, like, a 30 minute nap the entire 3+ hour drive. . . which resulted in one seriously ornery kid.

Run for your life.

 photo Crusty-EyeExtraordinare_zps5d7a2040.jpg

Thankfully, it wasn't anything a snuggle with Daddy and some exhaust fumes couldn't fix. Oh, and fruit snacks. Don't forget the fruit snacks.

 photo HannahandDaddy_zpsc21fb69e.png

This child cracks me up. Every time a truck would start to pull, she would gasp like it was the most intense thing she'd ever seen :

 photo Gasp-er_zps6aac226b.png

She's her father's daughter, to be sure.  :)

 photo ElkoNV_zpsbd7688a6.png

Little Man was havin' a ball, too!

 photo PullsCollage_zps99231ae0.jpg

 photo Addicted_zps25bee9a2.png

Fun, fun, fun.

. . . . . .

Stay tuned for some more installments because, let's face it, we're just gettin' started. :)

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Summer Lovin'

Folks, we are lovin' this weather! We've been bouncing around all over the place doing fun things. . . like trying not to melt into a puddle or misplace one of our kids. It's been swell! :)

We kicked off the summer with Hogle Zoo and then hit up the Ogden Dinosaur Park {the next weekend; not the same day :)}. We stuffed in a random 4-hour road trip, a fishing trip, a family party at the park, and some tractor pulls in Nevada while we were at it.

Yeah, we're pretty wild. . . Kinda like ferocious wildebeests or sumthin'. {Are wildebeests even all that wild or ferocious?!}

*Ahem* Moving on.

. . .

Here's some Hogle Zoo action:

 photo OtterLovin_zpse3876a03.png
Hannah's favorite-- the sea otter

 photo LittleMan_zps86a0bb88.png
He's a wee bit unsure about the whole thing, but happy to be along for the ride :)

 photo Lions_zps4a1419c3.png

We were able to see the elephants do some tricks, which was pretty freakin' awesome. Hannah was sure hypnotized :
 photo WatchingElephantTricks_zps5f71d0c2.png
 photo Elephant_zpsc0c82411.png

 photo BearLovin_zpsec6d82ab.png

 photo apecollage_zps23e89ed7.jpg

 photo HannahandMom_zps2413be24.png

And what's a trip to the zoo without a sip from the 'ol drinking fountain?

 photo DrinkingFountain_zpsd40fe3a8.png

. . . . .

Ogden's Dinosaur Park was fun. . . well, as fun as a boiling hot day spent seeing rundown plastic dinosaurs in bushes can be :)

 photo DinoPark_zpsc38e5812.png

 photo Bones_zps0104f321.png

 photo Triceratops_zps7a37f6df.png

 photo ChildAbuse_zps677bb6c1.png
Hannah was SURE the dinosaur was going to eat her.

 photo DaddyLoving_zps841b3eba.png
. . . . .

We decided to hit up Payson Lakes for our first annual fishing trip. This was the first time Hannah was old enough to run around semi loosey-goosey. Well, I think it's hardwired into toddlers' html code to poke sticks into the mud because that was the very first thing she did.

 photo StickintheMud_zps071bc606.png

I thought I was the best mom ever for remembering to pack everything AND the kitchen sink. . . until I realized I forgot the most important thing of all : Curtis' binkie.

Sweet mother of pearl.

What was I thinking?!?

Thankfully he handled it fairly well. . . thanks to being able to nurse and be cuddled the entire time. Little stinker! :)

 photo MomandCurtis_zpsa0e6636a.png

Chuck no sooner had our lines in the water when I caught a big one! Unfortunately, it was a big canoe; not a fishy. Some not-so-smart folks decided that rowing their canoe 10 feet from a shoreline full of fishermen was a grand idea. . . and I was the lucky one that snagged the front of their boat! They got that untangled all right, but then my line caught the back of their boat. After they gave up trying to untangle it and started drifting aimlessly towards the middle of the lake, Chuck suggested that they paddle to shore so we could unhook our own line. They disappeared shortly thereafter. . . Probably to go cry in the trees and burn their canoe paddles.

Drama, drama, drama.

 photo DirtyFace_zps81d8e7d1.png
 photo FishingisHardWork_zps00e525dc.png
Fishing is hard work, okay?

. . . . .

In order to reduce the chance of a photo-induced coma, I'm going to call it quits here. I'll post proof of the rest of our recent adventures in a couple of days after you've had time to recover. :)

Go out and enjoy the sunshine, my friends!


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