Thursday, February 19, 2015

Curtis' First Birthday


My little handsome man turned one. . . already. What the what?! Didn't I just have him, like last month? Pretty sure.

However, time seems to disagree with me and it never lies. Or so it says. ;)

At any rate, my wee little squishy dude went from itty bitty to large-and-in-charge way too fast for my liking.

 photo Progression_zpsa4a754cc.png

 photo ONE_zpsfc65ee66.jpg

. . .

We had a small shindig at our house to commemorate the occasion with some of our close friends and family. It was so much fun!

Well, Curtis didn't think so at first. . . He's kinda anti-social like that.

Kisses from Grandma were not reciprocated, that's for sure.

 photo CuddleLoves_zps6d002349.jpg

Dang those grandmas. . . always wantin' kisses. Who do they think they are?! 

Thankfully, it didn't take him long to decide that all those people weren't going to roast him on a spit, after all.

 photo Cutie_zps099c7c84.jpg

 photo TheCrew_zpsc55a5713.jpg
"Aunt" Jill, Grandma Becky, and Great-Grandma Hansen

 photo LittleBuddy_zps01004be4.jpg

Before long, it was present time. Hannah and her friends were more than willing to help him open his presents while he played with the tissue paper and tried to eat the wrapping paper.

 photo PresentTime_zps12274aee.jpg

After presents, it was CUPCAKE TIME! At Hannah's first birthday party, she didn't want anything to do with her cake. Curtis, on the other hand. . .

Well, let me break it down for you.

 photo CupcakeProgression_zpsccce43ab.png

1) "What's this stuff? Why is everyone watching me eat?! A little privacy, here. Please. Come on."

2) ". . . Ooooooooh. Sweet mother of pearl. It's like a little bundle of red-velvet heaven."

3) "Get in my BELLY!"

4) "Must. Get. More. Fingers. In. Mouth. MUST!"

. . .

Needless to say, he was a fan.

. . .

 photo GmaandGpaHansen_zps591f8f14.jpg
Great-Grandma and Great-Grandpa Hansen

. . .

The loot :

 photo TheHoard_zpsaea15690.jpg

And here is he sniffing out more cake {I can only assume}. . .

 photo StandBackLadies_zps80ec6b9d.jpg

. . .

This kid. I love 'im.

 photo Big1_zpsb28d3976.jpg

Stop growing, dude.

 photo O-N-ECollage_zps8a537bbd.png

. . . .

And here's the traditional "First Birthday" video if you're interested :)

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Slit Stitchin'

No, I didn't get into a bar fight that required stitches. That'd make for a pretty nifty blog post. . . but it'd be kinda tricky to manage seeing as I'm never at bars and I have a passive personality.

But hey. You can keep checking back.


This post is actually considerably less feisty.

. . .

Remember when I went to Gordman's and lost Hannah {HERE}? Well, in addition to learning valuable life lessons, I also earned $10 "cash" to spend {think "Kolh's Cash"}.


I went back the other day and scored a super-de-duper comfortable maxi skirt. . . with one flaw. It had a slit that was quite ambitious. I'm sure such a slit would be necessary for all those Olympic athletes that enjoy competing in their semi formal wear. But for me? It was unnecessary and much too high. Trust me, ya'll don't want to see anything above my knee.

 photo BeforeEDIT_zps7f6ef675.jpg

Luckily, I've learned a nifty hand-stitch technique that worked fabulously. I'd only ever used it to sew dolls and pillows, but HOT DANG, it works on skirts, too.

 photo HowTo_zpsfa141282.jpg

So. . . do you have a similar slit situation? Are you an Olympian athlete fond of formal wear? Mmmm'kay. Didn't think so. Let's fix that slit.

. . .

To start, grab some embroidery floss in a complimentary color {most of your floss will not be seen, but just to be safe, you don't want a crazy color}.

After threading your needle and knotting the end, poke your needle up at the beginning of the slit, coming from the backside so your knot will be hidden.

 photo Start_zpsd78c47af.jpg

After you pull your thread through, pinch the two sides of the slit together. Since I started on the top half, I'm going to stick my needle horizontally through a small area on the bottom half and pull it through. You'll want to do this right along the fold created by the hem. . . if that makes any sense whatsoever.

For example, let's say #1 in the picture below is where I finished pulling my thread through after knotting the end. #2 is where I poked my needle through horizontally along the top of the fold. Now, this part is important, so listen up. See how the thread coming up at #1 lines up almost perfectly with the start of #2? Make sure you do the same thing for every single stitch.

 photo Repeat_zps48d9d248.jpg

Here's a picture of the next step, including a #3 so you can better see where the needle comes out
(#1 is the stitch you just barely finished in the picture above}.

 photo 3steps_zps4cf047fc.jpg


Your next step would be to start your horizontal-needle-poke again, but lined up with where #3 is in the picture above.

If you're not holding the two sides of the slit together the whole time, this is what your stitches will look like :

 photo DSC_0031_zps00b576d5.jpg

But that's totally cool. Not the end of the world. :) All you need to to do is slowly pull on the end of the thread and your stitches will tighten and pull your fabric together. Like so :

 photo KeepPulling_zpsac72586d.jpg

Until there is no gap :

 photo PulledTight_zpsf67b721f.jpg

When you've made your slit to your new specifications, it's time to knot up. In case you haven't noticed already, I am NOT a super experienced seamstress. So ,yeah. This is probably not the best way to end your work. . . but what the heck. You're only young once.

Stab your needle through the backside of your fabric {trying not to poke through to the front side if you can help it} and start to pull your floss through. But don't pull it through completely.

 photo Knotting_zps79fbb9ea.jpg

When your loop starts to get smaller, stick your needle through the loop.

 photo Loop_zpsd25df68d.jpg

Then pull it nice and snug. Repeat the same process once more in the same area, and you're good to go! Oh, and don't forget to complete the same process if you have another slit on the other side of your skirt {like me}. ;)

 photo beforeandafter_zpsb72f8d66.png

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Pre-School Adventures

So, I know it's peculiar to have a "First Day" of school in February. . . but that's just how we roll. We're cool like that, I guess.

If you missed the last post {click HERE}, let me just give you a quick update. Hannah has qualified for special education classes in communication and behavior. We decided the best setting for her right now is to be in a normal classroom, but with the extra help from her special teachers.

Yesterday was her first day, and let me tell ya. I felt old walking my kid through the halls with a "visitor" sticker on my shirt. It was fun watching her take off her coat and hang it next to her classmates', wash her hands; and sit down at the table to do puzzles; just like a big girl.

She didn't even notice I was there in the corner filling out paperwork. And she certainly didn't notice when I left.

Hannah has such a brave, outgoing personality that school is such an awesome environment for her. This kid looooves to make friends, but she tends to freak 'em out a little because she 1) thinks receiving suffocating bear hugs is every little kid's dream, and 2) can't really communicate very much. . . so they have no idea what she wants to do, and she has no idea what they want to do.

But I can already tell she's really going to blossom and get better and better at putting words to her wants/needs.

. . .

Having a child that qualifies for special help isn't something I ever thought would happen to me, but I'm not about to complain. I'm feeling very thankful that help is available! I'm excited to see the change that this extra assistance makes in Hannah's ability to focus, learn, and communicate.

It's gonna be pretty darn epic.

. . .

Without further ado, some pictures!

Because, yeah. You can't have a "First Day" of class without traditional pictures. . . even if it IS for "Young-3- Pre-School" in February.

 photo FirstDayFeb102015_zps4bc1985c.jpg

 photo FirstDay_zps8beae0f1.jpg

 photo FirstDayofPreSchool_zps0ff3e29f.jpg

. . . .

And blooper time!

. . . This kid. She cracks me up. I said, "Hey, Hannah. Come stand right here and let's get another picture."

Well, she decided to go all "model" on me and I ended up with this.

 photo ModelShot_zps90001ea0.jpg

I don't even know.



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